Wall Art For Architecture

Alice collaborates with Interior Designers, Art Consultants and Galleries around the world to create exceptional projects on commission. Each wall installation is meant to build a strong conversation with the scene where it is displayed. As an exemple, watch the following video where the luxuriance of the Lignage porcelain mural dialogues with the breathtaking decor of this stately Roman Palace graced with baroque frescoes. Palazzo Pamphilj was built by Pope Innocent X in the seventeenth century as a symbol of his family power. Inspired by the representation of family in genealogical trees, and reflecting family interactions, the story of the Lignage wall art resonate with the intriguing story of the forbidden love between the pope and his sister-in-law.

Mural art and interior design

From hotels to private residences, from stately properties to contemporary buildings, from wide reception spaces to intimate bedrooms, from Europe to Asia, find out about Alice’s wall art installations in various international settings.