A botanical mural installation

Prestigious vineyard in California

Jordan Winery is a prestigious vineyard from California’s Sonoma Valley, managed with particular attention to the environment. Continuing the work begun by his parents, the current owner is careful to protect the local fauna, particularly pollinators, to occupy only a small part of the estate with the vines and to preserve the many endemic plant species present in the immediate environment. The client gave Alice Riehl carte blanche to decorate a nook at the entrance to the château, near the reception area for guests, with the aim of making this installation emblematic of the estate.

Millefleur French tapestry style mural installation


Millefleurs is a meticulous juxtaposition of porcelain sculptures that creates a sense of movement, a rhythm and a wealth of detail that provoke a feeling of immersion. The choice of a high density of pieces underpins the existence of a rich ecosystem, materialized by the abundance of vegetation on the walls. While the artist’s initial research focused on botanical aspects, observing plants and compiling herbariums, her sculptures figure an idealized, even fantasized, vision of nature. The main panel of Millefleurs brings together the most characteristic subjects of the local ecosystem and the species grown in the garden. Two fronds of California oak (Quercus Lobata) overhang and frame the central motif featuring a Claire Austin rose, a pomegranate laden with fruits at various stages of ripeness and a lupine, while clover, buttercups and chamomile spread like a meadow across the lower part of the wall.  

A porcelain tapestry

Porcelain Tapestry mural installation

Seduced by the presence of Aubusson and Gobelins textiles on the estate, Alice Riehl designed the composition of the Millefleurs mural installation as if it were a tapestry. She titled her work in homage to the decorative style in vogue in Europe in the late Middle Ages, whose main characteristic was to dot the background with flowers and branches, with no effect of depth.

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