Porcelain Wall Art by Alice Riehl

Plants, animals and elements get into Alice’s artworks to tell stories on the strength of the living and the power of interactions. Porcelain murals spring out of the surface as wall embroideries spreading continuously. Alice pays a great attention to details enabling different readings of her mural installations, depending on how close you stand to the walls.

At the beginning of every artwork, images, ideas and impressions are slowly collected and merged to compose a story. Porcelain is the medium; nature is the mediator to relate tales of the living and the being.

Thereby, Lignage is at the intersection of the genealogical trees and family portraits. Bodies and vegetation closely combine to reflect the hereditary characteristics of a lineage, and the interactions between its members.

Autoportrait is a fable about the practice of selfies and questions our relation to our virtual double scattering into the world.

The greenery embroidery of Racines is extracted from the extraordinary thirst of expansion of orchids with their areal roots spreading in the open.

And Mangrove, infused with journey recollections, is also a tribute to the luxuriance of exotic plants.

Masques comes from the sea, when foam of the backwash draws a sort of lace on the sand and the rocks, as a carnival dance, an everlasting movement generating perpetually renewed patterns.

Porcelain as A Sculptural Medium

In the following video experience immersion with the material, see how porcelain plays with light, feel the texture, follow the intricacy of the details, and share Alice’s enchantment for this medium. The sculpture displayed here is called Lignage.

Sculptures by Alice Riehl

Beyond wall art, Alice works on sculptures to explore alternative ways to express the luxuriance of nature and capture movements.