Commissioned Wall Art

Alice Riehl collaborates with Architects, Interior Designers, Art Consultants and Curators around the world to create exceptional artworks on commission. Each piece is meant to build an intense conversation with the scene where it is displayed, which makes every combination rare and special. The variety of projects on which Alice collaborates is an extended source of inspiration and challenge to create recognized unique, yet universal wall art that characterizes the places where it is installed. The poetry of her works brings a sense of purity and timelessness.

Bespoke Mural Scenography

Alice Riehl’ porcelain wall sculptures are displayed in many different types of locations: from luxury hotels to private residences, from stately properties to contemporary buildings, from wide reception spaces to intimate bedrooms. The diversity of her work and influence makes it possible to adapt to multiple ambiances and requirements, while maintaining her own style and visual identity, especially the use of white color. Alice Riehl’s artwork has been successfully featured by high-profile Designers and Architects all over the globe: Europe, North America,  Asia or Middle East. She has achieved significant collaborations in hospitality and corporate projects for companies like Four Seasons Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels or Chaumet. Alice Riehl’s porcelain murals also adorn the walls of passionate art collectors and enthusiasts.