Nature comes to life and blooms into Alice Riehl’s work. The intricate pattern of her wall art is an invitation to a journey through an imaginary garden, in which human behaviors are exposed.

She embraces the heritage of French Decorative Arts, ornamental and porcelain, and turns it into a sculptural material that continues endlessly.

Alice moved beyond her professional corporate life when she met porcelain during her training at the French Ceramics Institute in Sèvres in 2003.

Porcelain is soft and unpredictable. The strength of the material unveils itself in harmonies of white shades, and soft tones, reflecting light indefinitely.

Nurtured by the memory of her grandmother’s needlework, she explored the combination of porcelain and laces, and turned the peculiar texture of this blend into the signature of her early work.

Developing her mural work, Alice’s imagination has been nourished by the large Middle Age tapestries and their narrative patterns. They became a new crossover between textile and porcelain into the creative process.

Alice Riehl lives and works in Paris, France.

She is represented by Todd Merrill Studio.

Alice Riehl is a French Artist specialized In porcelain sculptural Wall Art
Wall Art Installation Porcelain


Porcelain turns into thread and stiches and embroiders the walls with a story to tell. Alice carefully considers each handmade detail to create a vivid harmony, enriching the general design of the wall art, and turning the near vision into a meditative browse.

Driven by the desire to widen her sculptural work, Alice begun to work on murals in 2010. This new dimension opened a world of possibilities.

The malleability of the wall art format perfectly deploys into commissions for special premises, adjusting to fit in the characteristics of each place. The junction of different creative worlds materialized in 2012 in two murals for the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel in Marseilles.

Ever since, stately buildings  like the Parisian hotel particulier of a high jewelry brand,  or like the former apartment of a Pope in a Roman palace, happened to be precious settings for porcelain murals. Diverse projects were also performed in modern or contemporary constructions such as a Taiwanese newly built family mansion or an Athenian luxury resort.

Alice Riehl’s work inhabits private and public spaces in Europe, America, Asia and Middle East. A multiple scales melody that Alice composes according to her encounters and inspirations.